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LG - міжнародний бренд  насіння польових культур французької компанії Лімагрейн Європа, яка є лідером у сфері насіння основних польових культур: кукурудзи, соняшнику, м`яких і твердих сортів пшениці, ячменю, бобових і кормових культур.

Всі ми пишаємося тим, що ми робимо, і  запрошуємо вас приєднатися до нашої команди.






Keep the department running in an efficient and profitable manner, to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention and to meet their expectations





Provide excellent customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organisation

  • Improving customer service experience, create engaged customers and facilitate organic growth
  • Taking ownership of customers issues and following problems through to resolution





Maintain an orderly workflow according to priorities

Arranging of signing process of foreign economic contracts and domestic Ukrainian contracts for the supply of seeds, which includes:

- preparation of agreements in part: details of the client, assortment and prices;

- organization of signing of agreements by the clients, organization of the issuance of transactions by the responsible persons;

- registration and ordering of supply agreements.

Accompany execution of concluded supply agreements, including:

- informing clients about the conditions of sale, delivery, terms of payment, on the progress of delivery, location of goods, terms of shipment;

- accept orders from customers for shipment and issue a shipment order;

- ensuring the transfer of seeds with the necessary shipping documents;

- ensuring the receipt of documents from clients;

- promotion of timely payment by customers;

- Informing clients about the progress of transactions, including contributing to the reconciliation of the status of settlements with customers;

- other support of foreign economic and domestic supply of seeds.

Generates, maintains, and updates files continuously:

- with customer orders (quantity, price, conditions);

- with available volumes of goods (stocks);

- with the volume of the imported goods;

- with the volumes of the sold goods,

- with the volumes of goods that are in the process of production at its various stages;

- with information on certification and validity of quality certificates;

- with information on terms of payments, amounts of debt and taken measures for debt collection;

- with the volume of the reserved product.

Maintains accounting for the goods flow and makes orders in automated systems of international accounting (SAP, Axapta, etc.).

As one who takes action for your own safety and guarantees the safety of others, you point out any dangerous act or condition.

You follow the company's code of conduct and safety rules

As an employee you must: 

  • Know the safety instructions, assimilate them, apply them and ask for any clarification from your manager if necessary,
  • Know and identify the risks related to your activity and environment, participate in evaluating and analyzing them,
  • Indicate any accident, near accident or risk situation to your manager;
  • Contribute to the analysis of near accidents or accidents of which you are the victim or witness,
  • Actively participate in safety training to acquire, understand and appropriate the knowledge necessary for your activity in the matter of safety,
  • Actively participate in safety updates and Managerial Safety Visits (MSV) that concern you.


  • Highest Economic
  • 3 years of work experience in providing customer service support
  • Excellent knowledge of management methods and techniques
  • Proficiency in English
  • Customer service orientation
  • Working knowledge of customer service software, databases and tools (1C/SAP/Axapta etc., MS Office, CRM base etc.)
  • Strong client-facing and communication skills
  • Ability to think strategically and to lead
  • Резюме надсилайте: viktoriia.andrela@limagrain.com